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Agile Coach

Agile coaches are a vital part of implementing and streamlining Agile processes for a team, company, or both. They’ll teach Agile best practices, integrate new teams within existing non-Agile processes, and measure results of the implementation. This agile coach resume highlights your experience with Agile, coaching, and leadership. As a specialist in everything Agile, check out this agile coach resume template on how to catch the recruiter’s eye in 2023.

Agile Product Manager

An agile product manager creates an agile environment within which they, along with their team, can develop and implement product roadmaps. You may use Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban. Your resume must reflect expertise in product management and Agile leadership.

Agile Product Owner

Agile Product Owners work within specific agile principles that value change and collaboration over technical processes and tools. As such, your resume needs to demonstrate a firm understanding of agile systems, including the scrum product development framework, as well as more general technical skills like data analysis, software, and programming skills. As a project owner, you’ll also need solid soft skills, including attention to detail, problem solving, and strong organization skills.

Agile Project Manager

An Agile project manager leads differently. APMs use the Agile framework, created in the 90s, to create and manage teams. As an APM you will be less concerned with hierarchy and top-down leadership. Your leadership will be based on 4 main values; being team-focused over tools-focused, using working software over extensive documentation, collaborating with customers over impersonal contract negotiations, and being agile and flexible in the face of change. Outside of certification as a project manager, a recruiter will need to see Agile certification. So ensure all your Agile qualifications are clearly listed.

Agile Scrum Master

An agile scrum master is a more specialized version of a regular scrum master, and some familiarity and experience helps. This agile scrum master resume shows first-hand experience in the role of an agile scrum master, alongside a history of project management. The cherry on top is the other sections, which demonstrate a relevant education and transferable skills, specifically in relation to working with Agile.

Analytics Manager

Analytics managers are senior-level data analysts that are more focused on managerial responsibilities than on data analyst projects. That said, they need to have a strong understanding of data analysis skill sets, so it's important to include relevant skill sets on your resume.

AngularJS Developer

AngularJS is a front end framework used to create faster and lighter programs. AngularJS developers design and build applications using JavaScript. Since they focus on front end development, they will create everything that users see on the website or application. AngularJS developers will also test and troubleshoot the platform when necessary.

Application Support Engineer

When businesses want to streamline their operations, they seek an application support engineer. These engineers are responsible to overlook the installation and maintenance of software applications important to the business, assisting wherever necessary. Being an application support engineer means being an expert on software stacks and timely debugging and maintaining software. They need to be communicative and responsible with time, along with having a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology. If this job sounds like the one you’re seeking, we have a great resume template for you to take inspiration from!

Architect / Architecture

Architects with a few years of experience should use their resume to detail the wealth of experience and skills they’ve developed throughout their career. As mentioned above, great architects are those who can operate at the intersection of artistic design, technical engineering, and social collaboration. Make sure to highlight these skills so that architecture recruiting managers know you have what it takes to succeed.

Architecture Intern

An architecture intern will usually work in an architecture firm as they wait to get licensed or registered. In many countries including the USA, these internships are regulated and interns are enrolled in programs like the Intern Development Program (IDP) or the Intern Architect Program (IAP). You must complete a certain number of hours of internship before you get fully certified as an architect. Here is a recruiter-approved resume sample.

Area Sales Manager

In this position, you will be in charge of the sales effort in a particular geographical area. You will develop sales strategies and work with your team of sales representatives to reach assigned sales targets. It will also be your job to constantly analyze the sales data in your area to ensure that the strategies developed are effective. Recruiters will be looking at your resume to see a background in sales and management so make sure your resume is crafted to let those two skills shine. Here is a great example of a strong resume.

Art Director

An art director is tasked with creating an engaging visual way to convey a desired message or concept. Many art directors work on a contract basis, while some work in PR firms, various publishers, and advertising agencies, amongst others. Your tasks may include developing a concept, creating a budget, supervising the staff bringing your vision to life, and presenting the finished work for approval to the client. You will be expected to have at least a bachelor’s degree in art, design, or a related field, as well as experience in the art medium the company uses. Take a look at this recruiter-approved art director resume.

Assistant Brand Manager

An assistant brand manager is focused on marketing trends and reporting on sales. They brainstorm and present creative ideas for brand strategies to meet sales objectives and marketing expectations. The role enhances brand awareness through research skills, analyses, and result orientations. With an Economics Degree that proves critical thinking skills and more, the resume establishes a strong educational base. It lists the manager’s diversified ideas according to context and situation which shows recruiters the capacity to brainstorm and develop creative ideas, improving both the company and customer experience.

Assistant Buyer

Assistant buyers’ role is to negotiate prices, specifications, and delivery schedules with suppliers. They must also prepare reports and statistical presentations for their superiors. This is a highly dynamic occupation in which your main purpose is to increment your employer’s consumer audience.

Assistant Construction Manager

As the name suggests, an assistant construction manager is a personal assistant to the construction manager. Their role is to provide onsite assistance and help construction projects run smoothly and within the budget. The assistant construction manager's resume should highlight similar qualifications to those of a construction manager. For an applicant who has been in the industry for long, the resume focuses on expertise and skillset. The reverse chronological system is the best way to present your experience, starting with the most recent.

Assistant Controller

An assistant controller provides support for their corporate controller. You will consult your superiors to address accounting problems and establish procedures to ensure financial law compliance. Your tasks may also include preparing financial reports and financial statements, preparing tax documentation, etc. Like a financial controller, you will be expected to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a related field. Some recruiters will also require a master's degree or CPA as well. Beyond that, your previous experience will play a big role in attracting recruiters. Here is a strong assistant controller resume.

Assistant Director of Finance

As the name suggests, your job will revolve around assisting the director of finance to maintain the financial health of the company. Your tasks may include preparing financial statements and other financial documents, reconciling ledgers, supervising payroll and other money transactions, etc. Recruiters will expect you to have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in accounting or finance, and years of experience in a finance-related position. Experience working in the company’s industry would also be strongly preferred. Take a look at this strong resume sample.

Assistant Office Manager

An assistant office manager offers administrative support to the executives and the rest of the office staff. Your tasks may include scheduling meetings and travel, maintaining supplies, assisting with events or projects, handling correspondences, etc. You need to be able to multitask and have a varied skill set. You also need to be personable and have strong interpersonal and communication skills. Take a look at this successful resume sample.

Assistant Project Manager

As the name suggests, an assistant project manager is there to support a project manager in whatever way they can. You will not be the decision maker but you may be delegated tasks to manage. You will also most likely do a lot of the administrative and coordination tasks. In essence, you will do the project managers ‘grunt work’. To succeed in this role you must have very strong interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills. The ability to multitask will also be important for your success. Educationally, any degree or certification in project management would be highly beneficial. This applicant has three listed project management certifications.

Assistant Sales Manager

These professionals act as the second in command for their sales manager associates and will commonly handle some of the sales manager’s tasks as needed. These tasks may include overseeing the work of sales associates, creating strategies, and evaluating the success of the strategies. You must have great interpersonal and communication skills, as well as a strong work ethic and helpful attitude. Here is a resume sample that would impress recruiters.

Assistant Underwriter

As an entry-level job position, an assistant underwriter does not require a finance degree. But as with all underwriter positions, a strong analytical mind is a requirement in this profession. Your job as an assistant underwriter is to work alongside managers and underwriters to create portfolios by collecting information and doing basic data-entry tasks. To make a great assistant, you should have administrative support skills as well as a resume that highlights your experience as an assistant in relevant fields. Here’s an example of an assistant underwriter's resume template.

Assistant Warehouse Manager

The assistant warehouse manager is responsible for processing orders and keeping track of inventory. They are also in charge of obtaining quotes from vendors and negotiating with them based on budget constraints. An assistant warehouse manager will take control of the entire operations when the warehouse manager is absent. To become an assistant warehouse manager, you must have computer literacy, logical thinking, negotiation skills, and be familiar with safety and legal compliance. You should be familiar with inventory management systems and supply chain protocols.

Associate Attorney

Associate attorneys work on a contract basis rather than a partnership. They’re often less experienced and may be supervised by a senior or more experienced employee. As an associate attorney, you’ll be called upon to prepare brief and case reports, build relationships with clients, and provide legal support. Your resume should emphasize transferable skills as well as any technical skills specific to your field.

Associate Brand Manager

Associate brand managers work to make sure that a company’s brand is well-defined and well-marketed to its customer base. Tasks you can expect in this position include defining the company’s brand, creating goals and plans with the marketing team on how to market the brand, doing research to find out how to best position the brand, etc. Recruiters will expect you to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field and will want to see a strong marketing background. Very strong communication and interpersonal skills are also vital for this role. Here is a successful resume sample.

Associate Creative Director

An associate creative director may be someone with less experience than a creative director, and is perfect if you’re looking to grow into the position and obtain experience. As a mid-level role, you’ll want to use a strong combination of your work experience, education, skills, and certificates to prove that you’re looking to continue your career.

Associate Product Manager

Associate product managers work closely with product managers to effectively make their jobs easier. You may be tasked with doing market research or customer behavior analysis to help product managers make the right decisions. An educational background in project management or a related field will be advantageous, as well as extensive experience in product management or analysis. This resume highlights all of the above.


While every field of law is different, some duties and expectations remain the same for attorneys across the board. Lawyers represent clients and provide legal advice, interpret case law, oversee mediations, prepare legal documents, and occasionally appear in court. Whatever your field, you’ll need skills in research, communication, and building relationships, as well as appropriate legal qualifications.

Audio Engineer

An audio engineer deals with the mechanics of recorded sounds. In other words, they work on recorded sound to make it sound a specific way. In the music industry, you may work with a music producer to mix, master, and reproduce music. Outside of the music industry, you can find audio engineers engineering sound for video games, live events, or recorded audiobooks, among others. Above everything, this position requires experience and natural talent. Including as much as you can of the former, and showing evidence of the latter, should be your aim for your resume. Take a look at this resume sample.


An auditor interrogates a company’s financial documents and processes to make recommendations on what can be improved upon. You can work as an internal auditor and work for one company as an employee, or you can work as an external auditor who may work for multiple companies in a consultant capacity. When creating a general auditor’s resume, you want to show the breadth of your experience. You will want to show a range of the skills you offer as well as the success you’ve had with each one. You will also want to show your range in terms of the variety of industries you have worked in. This resume is an example of a strong auditor’s resume.

Automation Engineer

An automation engineer develops software that helps companies automate certain processes and also tests automation software to ensure that it is working efficiently. You will need creativity to develop ways to automate, and communication skills to express your ideas and communicate any bugs or errors you discovered as you were testing automated systems. Beyond soft skills, you will need a bachelor's in automation, electrical engineering, or a similar field. Beyond that, recruiters will heavily weigh any experience you have developing or testing automation software. This resume sample excels in showing a relevant educational background and a wealth of automation experience.


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