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.NET Full Stack Developer

.NET full stack developers specialize in, as the name implies, Microsoft’s .NET framework. This particular framework is compatible with a variety of programming languages and is an open-source tool used by many programmers. .NET full stack developers are responsible for creating software applications that work through the server.

3D Artist

3D artists are generalists responsible for building 3D models using both software and illustrations. As you progress in your career as a 3D artist, it’s important not just to have experience but to be able to quantify with metrics what you were able to achieve or accomplish in each of your roles. Or, as you earn certifications or advanced degrees that will set you apart, include these in your resume.

3D Game Artist

A game artist is an animator that designs 2D and 3D art in the gaming industry like scenery, characters, or backgrounds. To advance as a 3D game artist, you will need to show past experiences of how you’ve grown with previous companies or in past roles. You can also use strong language and verbs throughout your resume to show your technical skills and most important achievements and accomplishments.

3D Modeler

A 3D modeler is a special type of animator that uses software to create 3D models for television, gaming, movies or websites. As a 3D modeler, your technical skills are your greatest assets. By displaying a wide breadth of skills, you show that you are adaptable and can learn new skills. Also, while job titles can vary, pay close attention to the verbiage of how managers list the titles.

AWS Cloud Engineer

An AWS cloud engineer is responsible for developing applications in the Amazon Web Services infrastructure. They must also debug, test, and maintain these applications. As an AWS cloud engineer, you must have certain skills, including Java, Python, and C# programming, networking, data management, data storage, knowledge of security protocols, etc. To become an AWS cloud engineer, you should have a bachelor’s degree in a Computer Science-related field. However, some companies don’t have this requirement, as long as you demonstrate your cloud management skills in the AWS platform.

AWS Data Engineer

As an AWS data engineer, you will handle the engineering, transfer, and storage of data using AWS cloud services. Recruiters will expect an educational background in I.T. or a related field and will expect you to be an expert in relevant AWS software.

AWS DevOps Engineer

The responsibility of this role is to ensure proper management, automation, maintenance, performance, and scalability of AWS cloud-based production systems. Recruiters want to see that you have the programming skills to help increase efficiency or reduce costs or labor. In the experience section of this sample, you see many bullet points explaining how certain operational functions were improved. For example, “eliminating 85% of manual work”, “reduced the service loading time by 97%”, or “increased the page speed by 15%.” Your resume should include the achievements you’ve reached by using AWS.

AWS Solutions Architect

An AWS solutions architect is focused on cloud computing solutions. It’s what’s considered a specialized solutions architect. They help stakeholders create and manage scalable cloud solutions. Your resume should be tailored to AWS, so it’s important to include related keywords. An AWS solutions architect helps companies with cloud migration, workload architectures, and technical assistance.

Account Executive

Account executives are high-level salespeople. As an account executive, you’ll be responsible for closing sales deals, keeping existing customers happy, and bringing on new clients. An account executive is essentially a full service sales representative who’ll see new business through the entire sales cycle, from calling leads and hosting demos to closing deals and maintaining ongoing accounts.

Account Manager

Account managers with a few years of experience should highlight the skills they’ve developed that pertain to the role. To succeed as an account manager, you must be able to foster long-term relationships and build trust with your accounts while also keeping detailed records of their needs. When writing your account manager resume, make sure to follow this template to highlight your accomplishments.


An accountant is a financial professional who keeps track of an organization’s transaction history, including costs and income. They evaluate a company’s financial performance and provide reports to stakeholders. Additionally, an accountant must issue employee payments, record bank statements, and issue taxes. You should demonstrate your impact on the bottom line in your accountant resume. Accountants can help organizations improve their operations, reduce risks, and generate more profit. You can use this as a reference as to what metrics and accomplishments to include in your resume.

Accounting Assistant

In an accounting assistant role, you’ll be doing basic accounting tasks such as record keeping, cash handling, and billing to help support your company. You may be able to get this job straight out of school, but some companies may require a few years of accounting experience. Use a resume like this one to showcase the experience you do have, giving specific examples of achievements that illustrate your organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

Accounting Clerk

Accounting clerks perform various administrative tasks such as bookkeeping, reconciling accounts, tracking payments, and collecting data for audits. To get this job, your resume should reflect that you are highly organized, analytical, and capable of juggling a myriad of responsibilities. Provide examples from your prior work experience to illustrate these skills.

Accounting Manager

Accounting managers oversee accounting departments, manage financial reporting, and lead their teams to success. To advance to a management position in accounting, you not only need to be a great accountant; you also need to demonstrate leadership and people skills. Make sure your resume reflects your experience in these areas.

Accounting Specialist

Accounting specialists may have wide ranging responsibilities such as maintaining financial records, processing payroll, generating reports, and making projections. To get this job, focus your resume on accounting skills such as balancing budget sheets, processing invoices, or managing account transfers.

Accounts Payable Clerk

Accounts payable clerks are hands-on employees of the accounts payable department. Their work-life revolves around receiving, processing, and verifying invoices that the business gets from its vendors. They often possess great knowledge about accounting software which makes them proficient at their processing jobs. Additionally, they keep track of purchase orders and handle payments that suppliers or customers send to the business' accounting division. Your resume needs to show that you are organized, attentive to minor details, and can do more in less time. Showing you are capable of multi-tasking is a great way to get recruiters to notice your profile and move you to the next stage of the recruitment process. Look at what a successful accounts payable clerk resume template should look like:

Accounts Payable Manager

Overlooking clerks and accountants is an account-payable manager. These managers perform various tasks such as managing all account payable activities, maintaining and tracking financial reports along with ensuring timely invoice generation for vendors of the business. As an accounts payable manager, you’re going to be juggling many responsibilities such as creating numerically accurate records, communicating efficiently between vendors and the company, and leading your team to success. Review this accounts payable manager resume template and inspire your own:

Accounts Payable Officer

Businesses must understand the larger picture. Simply put, they are interested in learning how lucrative their company is and how to increase earnings by minimizing cash leaks in their payment systems. An accounts payable officer may provide a company with the binoculars it needs to see everything. AP Officers are employees that deal with stock management, financial records, and accounting in liaison with suppliers and finance officers. They are responsible for processing invoices to suppliers and obtaining products or services against those invoices. AP Officers can maintain historical records of the company finances and can then create reports on the performance. A bachelor's degree in finance and accounting can aid you in landing a job as an AP Officer because you need great financial knowledge to perform the job well. Let’s see an AP Officer resume template:

Accounts Payable Supervisor

An accounts payable supervisor makes sure that vendor bills and expenditure vouchers are paid on time, keep correct financial records, and generates control reports. creates the accounts payable register and associated reports on time. You need to meticulously distribute your workload to ensure the entire financial cycle runs smoothly, and great communicative skills help. Here is an accounts payable supervisor resume template to help you get the job:

Actuarial Analyst

Getting a job as an actuarial analyst (also known as an actuarial associate) is a great entry point into the actuarial field. Actuarial analysts analyze and manage the financial risks of a company. Many actuarial analysts are not yet accredited actuaries and so will generally work with, or for, accredited actuaries to calculate and offer financial solutions to risk. This is a competitive field, so a strong educational background will also be advantageous. This resume does a great job of highlighting the applicant's educational background and does an even better job of highlighting their wide range of skills and the value their work has brought to their employers.

Actuarial Manager

An actuarial manager needs to have all the skills and experience of an actuarial analyst as well as managerial skills. They will generally be managing a team of actuaries and ensuring they meet all targets and expectations. They will also need strong communication skills to manage their team well, and communicate with their superiors on behalf of their team. This resume does a good job of emphasizing actuarial experience and communication skills.

Administration Manager

An administration manager coordinates clerical operations with the office team so everything runs smoothly. They plan administrative systems to streamline processes and improve productivity. In addition, administration managers are also responsible for recruiting personnel and monitoring staff performance. This will allow them to collect pertinent data to develop new systems that improve operations. Your administration manager resume should demonstrate your ability to oversee and direct a large team, so it’s crucial to highlight your project management skills.

Administrative Assistant

As an experienced administrative assistant with years of professional work history, you’ll want to primarily highlight your previous administrative work at companies. This administrative assistant resume template emphasizes strong experience supporting various groups and teams with specific and measurable numbers of accomplishments in the role. You should also supplement your experience with education and skills to create a complete picture to your potential employer.

Administrative Coordinator

An administrative coordinator is responsible for upkeeping clerical operations in an office department. They manage schedules, deliver reports, answer phone calls, and coordinate with HR management for payrolls. Administrative coordinators must have excellent communication skills as they cooperate with multiple teams and colleagues. Hence, it might be something you’d want to highlight in your resume.

Advertising Account Executive

Advertising account executives need a strong awareness of marketing, advertising, and brand awareness. As an advertising account executive, you’ll need to really understand your clients, including their product, their voice, and their target audience. Pitching campaigns, understanding marketing strategy, and familiarity with social media are all skills you’ll need to have on hand.

Advertising Account Manager

An advertising account manager acts as the client’s representative within the agency. In this position you will sit down with clients to get a clear idea of their wants, goals, and ideas, you will relay that information to the creative team and will advocate for the client throughout the development and engagement of the campaign. You will be responsible for keeping the campaign within the client’s budget and the agreed time frame. You will usually graduate to this position from the account executive position. To succeed in this role your interpersonal, networking, and communication skills must be very strong. You will be expected to have a bachelor’s degree in advertising or a closely related field, and will be expected to have years of experience working with clients in an agency. Recruiters will also be keen to see your tools section. Here is an example of a strong advertising account manager.

Advertising Agency Manager

An advertising agency manager is in charge of the agency’s advertising campaigns. Your tasks include planning and overseeing the campaigns and communicating with the client, creative team, and other stakeholders needed for a campaign's success. This position is an office job that is particularly fast-paced and high stress due to the many moving pieces and deadlines. Recruiters will expect to see a bachelor’s degree in advertising or a related field, a wealth of experience in an agency and a managerial position, and success in your previous positions. This resume does a good job of capturing all of the above.

Advertising Copywriter

Advertising copywriters specialize in conceiving and creating text for advertisements. This could be a slogan, a script for an advert, or the text on a billboard. This role requires impeccable communication skills as the process of creating advertisements is a very collaborative one, and you must be able to communicate your concept to a client clearly for approval. You must also be ready for multiple rounds of revision and rewriting at the request of the client. So patience and perseverance are necessary. An effective advertising copywriter's resume will focus on the applicant’s experience. Showing that you have created successful or acclaimed advertisements will carry more weight than almost anything else. Showing your ability to work in a team will also strengthen your resume. This resume does both of these successfully.

Advertising Manager

An advertising manager is responsible for creating the team’s strategy, overseeing its work, and ensuring the team has everything it needs to succeed. This requires strong managerial skills. You may also be the main point of contact with clients so you must have impeccable communication and negotiating skills. This is generally not an entry-level position. Recruiters will be looking to see a bachelor’s degree in advertising, journalism, or a similar field. Beyond that, they will be eager to see the success of your team and the metrics to show that success. Here is an example of a strong advertising manager resume.

Agile Business Analyst

Agile business analysts specialize in the area of agile software development, which takes a collaborative, responsive approach to resolving software issues. To be a successful agile business analyst, you must be adept at working with a team while also designing excellent software that aligns with the Agile philosophy. Your resume should show that you are flexible, adaptable, and creative in your approach to solving problems.


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